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What is Glushu glue on horse shoe?

Glushu is a thoroughly tested 'no nail' glue on horse shoe designed by an industrial engineer in partnership with a farrier who has extensive experience in dealing with damaged hooves.

The Glushu glue on horse shoe uses the most advanced aluminium shoe manufacturing, over molded with a flexible rubber cuff. This gives the horse a light, hoof supporting, cushioned shoe which eliminates any stress or damage to the horses hoof and is easy to apply.

Glushu glue on horse shoes are non invasive completely eliminating the risk of hoof injury due to nailing.

Glushu can be used:

  • When the horse is sensitive to nailing

  • When the horse needs shoes but there is a preference to not use a nailed on shoe

  • When you want to eliminate nailing as a possible source of lameness

  • Wherever nailing is tricky or risky (low weak heels, contracted feet, thin soles, collapsed feet)

  • When there is insufficient or no wall at all to nail to (brittle hooves, stress fractures, hoof wall loss, cracked feet, damaged or cracked hoof wall)

  • When the horse is footsore (laminitis, debris infiltration, pedal osteitis, white-line disease, hoof wall separation syndrome (HWSS), cushing’s disease, equine metabolic syndrome)

  • When the horse’s foot is traumatized (infections, fractures, abscessing, caudal pain)



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