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Glushu has helped Werner to help new horse riders.

Thank you to our friends at Glushu Suomi for writing to us about the wonderful Werner.

Please say hello to 18 year old Finnish half-blood Werner.

For Werner age is just a number, this forever young gentleman feels like a young boy. Despite having many years on the clock Werner is still a very lively and playful horse.

Unfortunately Werners’ hooves are brittle and he cannot wear traditional nail on shoes. Since being fitted with Glushu glue on horse shoes Werner is able to frolic again without fear of falling.

Werner is a very special horse and works with Tuan Animal Training Company. When Onnelan is trying out new training techniques she uses Werner as her test horse. Werner also helps people who are new to horse riding with activities such as ground handling and clicker secrets.

We are so please that Glushu has helped Werner to continue to help new horse riders joining the equestrian life."

Werner Glushu glue on horse shoes.

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