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Henry Suited and Booted in Glushu

This is the very handsome Henry looking gorgeous in his Glushu colours.

Henry came to us last year with a few problems.

" Henrys feet were such a mess and needed egg bars, trying to keep his egg bars on caused more problems. They are so heavy and just came off after about 2 weeks and were wrecking his hoof walls. Unfortunately we got to the point of more filler than hoof and he was un-rideable due to poor feet.

I made the decision it was time to ditch the nails. After a bit of research I found Glushu online and thought it seemed like the perfect solution. Henry had no issues at all with the shoeing process,

Thanks yet again, great to have Henry back out in work and full of beans like a psycho!!!!"

6 months on and Henry is still loving Glushu.

Follow Henrys adventures here on his very own Facebook page.

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