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Lame horse before and after Glushu video

Big thank you to Sarah Lindsay for this great video showing the instant cushioning effect of Glushu glue on horse shoes.

Sarah's horse is a 31 year old thorough bred who suffers from thin, cracked hooves which means that he cannot tolerate traditional nail on shoes. Unfortunately his feet are too bad to go barefoot so he is very lame without hoof protection.

This video shows the horse walking before and after Glushu are utilised.

You will see the horses footsteps are tentative and pained before the Glushu are fitted.

Notice how well the horse can move after the Glushu are applied. He is sure footed with no visible signs of discomfort at all.

If you have a horse who you think would benefit from Glushu please click here to place your order today.

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