Glushu interview: Listen now.

Thanks to the gang at Horses in the Morning podcast for chatting to Glushu Engineer John Wright about all things Glushu including.

- How are they applied / removed? - How long does shoeing take? - What are the best glues to use? - Which horses can benefit from Glushu? - What competitive activities can be done in Glushu?

The Glushu bit starts around 00:35 but we would recommend the whole show as a great listen Click the player to listen to the show. A transcript of the interview can also be read below.

Horses in the Morning Glushu Interview:

HitM: We have all the way from England John Wright on with us from Glushu. We have been getting a lot of questions since my wife Jennifer talked on the show about using glue on shoes on her horse. We have been getting a lot of listeners more curious about glue on shoes so John welcome to the show.

JW: Hi thank you.

HitM: So tell me why glue on shoes opposed to regular shoes? What would be the reason that people would look at doing this?

JW: Well I think, and I can only talk from the UK experience, there are more and more farriers turning up to horses now where, there is no hoof wall left, for various reasons or the horse has very thin hoof walls, or is very flat footed and needs a shoe that doesn’t use a nail.

HitM: And what did they do before “glue ons” became popular?

JW: Walked away. Basically the farrier said “I can’t put a shoe on this horse” and walked away. Literally gave it box rest and said “I’ll come back when the hoof wall has healed sufficiently to nail a shoe on”.

HitM: Well that was exactly the situation with my wife’s thoroughbred. This horse hadn’t had anything done to it for years when we got it and the feet were a mess. There really wasn’t anything to nail to and we were using boots for a year, then she finally looked into glue on shoes and for that horse, for Nigel, it has been working beautifully. They stay on, they have been working beautifully.

JW: The issue I have with boots, you know I think they serve a purpose and they did a job very well and you can reuse them but I have had someone come to me locally and said “I had boots that were measures and made specifically and fit perfectly or my horse and 20 minutes later the boots facing the wrong way.” It had just twisted on the hoof, and that horse works really hard. They call it a “war horse”, it’s used for demonstrations and exhibitions. He didn’t really want boots on it but it was the only thing he could use and he said he spent £200 so about $300, spent a lot of money on boots and within 20 minutes wanted to send them back and get his money back. So some boots do work, some boots don’t work and they are also very specific for the hooves you have to choose your shape of boot for the hoof and horse you have.