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Guatemalan Team choose Glushu for Endurance.

Glushu make headway on the Endurance market. Due to their durability, stickability and comfort they are being seen as the newest essential for competitive and leisure endurance riders.

Thanks to Fernando Paiz for this fantastic review of Glushu used in the 2017 FEI Panamerican Endurance Championship!

"After lots of thinking and research done by our vet, trainer, owner and me(rider) we decided to try GluShu to the limit.

We were facing 120km (75milles) of the hardest trails in Uruguay chosen for the 2017 FEI Panamerican Endurance Championship. The trail was chosen for its difficulty: we had hills, a very abrasive trail (sandpaper like), roads as hard as pavement, narrow asphalt crossings and demanding speed, as we finished averaging 21,67km/h!!

Not only did the shoes stay on firmly but they also gave us the traction, protection and stability we needed.

I liked how light they are thanks to their aluminum soul, and the protection they provide against the concussion with their rubber body.

Finally, I also recommend professional installation, which is easy, but crucial for getting top results. Thank you Roy Verocay of Glushu USA for trusting the Guatemalan Team with your product.

Fernando Paiz Endurance Team Guatemala"

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