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Farrier Photo Diary: Horse with whiteline.

Delighted to be sharing the great the work of expert farrier and US Glushu representative Roy Verocay detailing the treatment of a horse with white line in conjuction with Glushu glue on horseshoes.

If you are in the USA you can find GLUSHU USA on Facebook and at their website

If you would like more information on Glushu for your horse please click here to contact us direct.

From farrier Roy Verocay:

" This is how this case was presented to us, it had been a while since the mare was trimmed. Hooves were very damaged and investigation showed the presence of white line.

We did the initial trim, resection on October 20th.

After the trim we applied reversed Glushu (size 3)

The 24th December was our second trim now removing all the growth and shoeing with Glushu on the normal position (now size 2).

Between the first and second shoeing the owners treated the resected area with B-Gone a copper sulfate based white line treatment paste which in my opinion works best for this cases.

We will be posting an update when we work on her again. The reason behind leaving the shoes for that long of a shoeing cycle was to allow the hoof to grow as much as possible so we would have new healthier hoof to work with after the second trim."

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