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Glushu Case Study: Founder/Laminitis

Thanks to Hansjörg Götz for sharing Donnas Glushu story. We are so pleased that Glushu have resolved Donna's hoof conditions.

Special thanks to the amazing farrier Ulrich Gerusel who continues to be a great ambassador for alternative shoeing and Glushu in particular.

Find Ulrich on his facebook page and website:

From owner Hansjörg Götz

" Mr. Gerusel's highly skilled work saved our pony's life and corrected out mares problem hoof situation:

Our rescue pony Donna is a 26 year old Norwegian Appaloosa mix pony. Since she arrived with us Donna has been monitored in an Equine clinic due to a history of Cushing. However she could go barefoot and had been symptom free for many years. In June and July 2015, despite constant monitoring by a vet and no grazing she developed Founder. Her iron shoes were removed and she was given a course of medication to help with the problem.

In 2016, the Founder returned. This time it lasted 3 months and again shoes were removed and drugs administered. After refitting her shoes, Donna showed pain again 10 days after fitting, and immediately they were removed. Donna was back in stable and then in hoof boots. During this time, depending on the requirement, the hoof boots from the equine clinic were raised or lowered again, and the hoof form was carefully corrected to a minimum. Nevertheless, Donna showed pain in the hoof boots twice again, it was hoof abscesses, which were again treated with a dressing, so a thorough correction of the hooves was not possible.

After healing the hoof abscesses, Donna showed rehabilitation symptoms after some time. The equine clinic X-rayed again, it proved that the coffin bone showed a strong rotation and subsidence and already had a so-called "brim" on the bone, which meant sole contact of the coffin bone. The rapid growth of the hooves were also strong. During all that time, Donna was given low-dose analgesics and anti-inflammatory, which were increased in the acute phases of pain, good advice was expensive.

Desperately, we went in search of ways to reverse this spiral, which involved the danger of constant inflammation and eventually the breaking of the hoof bone. We found in Mr. Gerusel a very dedicated, highly skilled and excellent farrier who had Donna's X-rays sent to us. After a short time, the redeeming answer came that he saw possibilities here to work the hooves and to apply appropriate hoof protection, which orthopedically corrects the hooves without irritation and inflammation by nailing.

An appointment was made, Mr. Gerusel came to see us and brought the latest X-rays and Glushu glue on horse shoes. With the agreement of the Equine Clinic we fitted GluShu. Afterwards was X-rayed again. Donna was given a higher dose of medication for a few days, to facilitate the transition to the deep flexor tendon.

Donna has been symptom free since the first GluShus were fitted and we have just applied her eighth set of Glushus. The long-term painkillers and anti-inflammatories were completely discontinued after the third fitting. In addition to regular X-rays of the hooves, we have had the ACTH and blood glucose levels checked 4 weeks to precisely adjust Prascend and feeding. Mr. Gerusel has had the latest x-rays sent to him every time before processing and has also been in consultation with the equine clinic if necessary. The equine clinic is extremely satisfied and recommends Mr. Gerusel's work with GluShu. The angle of the coffin bone has improved a lot, and after just under a year, the hooves are completely regrown.

Donna can walk again and is ready to move. Even her unprotected hind feet are in perfect shape, better than we have ever seen them. She has even survived a colic emergency operation in July 2017, in whose context, due to the medication used (cortisone) there was a certain risk of laminitis. We are sure that overall, Mr. Gerusel's work was crucial in saving Donna's life and has vastly improved her quality of life. Thank you very much, also from Donna!

Before Glushu

After Glushu

It should be emphasized that Mr. Gerusel has always answered all questions about hooves and horse keeping with great expertise. He also advised us very well on the different treads in the new, leased stable, where we have a say in the covering. For quite some time now, the Equine Clinic has left the adaptation of Donna's hooves, which occasionally followed updated radiographs, to Mr. Gerusel.

Very important is also the particularly good handling of Mr. Gerusel with the horses. Even if a little restlessness or a long processing is required, Mr. Gerusel remains always patient and calm, and the horses are quickly relaxed, they turn to him friendly."

We now look forward to the appointments with Mr. Gerusel!

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