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Glushu case study: Laminitis

Great Glushu work from farrier Ilka Slabik who used Glushu glue on horse shoes to help a horse with chronic laminitis. The difference is incredible. Glushu kept the horse comfortable and protected allowing the hoof to repair and grow without the chance of further injury. Please click here to find Ilka on Facebook.

If you have a horse with laminitis please contact us to discuss how Glushu can help. You can also buy Glushu glue on horse shoes direct from our online store - click here.

From Ilka

“Asterix Haflinger gelding 29 years - chronic laminitis and Cushing

Asterix has been diagnosed with cushing for more than 9 years, in addition the coffin bone on the right front hoof threatened to break through.

The hoof walls were very brittle, cracked and vulnerable to putrefactive bacteria due to constant hoof ulcers in the walls. Asterix could not run without permanent hoof protection, which I initially managed with hoof boots.

In September 2017 I decided to build the toe walls on the hooves, so that the necessary hoof height in front of the beam tip was restored and the pressure against the thin hornsole and coffin bone was reduced.

Unfortunately he was still very sore and needed more protection

In January 2018 I first used Glushu. Thanks to their cushioning and shock absorbtion qualities Asterix was immediately in total comfort. I could not believe it when he actually trotted and then ran!

The fitting was easy, fast and calm. You may initially feel daunted but the process is very simple and each pack comes with detailed instructions. There are also application videos on Glushu Youtube channel.

This is Asterix hooves as of June 2018 after 6 months Glushu use. The toe wall reaches the ground, the sole in front of the beam tip has reached a good solid substance, from a nearly- broken hoof there is now nothing to see, we are very proud of the Haffi- Grandpa.

Before and after video:

We have fitted a new set of Glushu and are keen to see how Asterix improves over the coming months.

I can wholly recommend Glushu for any laminitic.”

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