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Blue Wins Another Award!

We first met Blue in back in May 2018. Due to a tricky crack in his hoof Blue could no longer tolerate nailed shoes and could not compete in his beloved dressage. His owner Stacey discovered Glushu and they were soon fitted to help with his hooves. Since then Blue has taken part in and won numerable competitions. Please click here to see their Glushu journey. We are so proud that on Saturday 17th November Blue and Stacey won the RoR Heart Stopper award for overcoming adversity. Check out the picture of Blue and his owner Stacey collecting their award below. From owner Stacey Mac Neidhe. "Hi just to give you an update on Blue. On Saturday at the RoR end of season party he was revealed as the winner of this year’s RoR Heart Stopper award for overcoming adversity.We couldn’t do it without Glushu!

If that were not enough on 2nd December 2018 Blue came second place in his prelim dressage test with a sore of 70.37%!"

Please take time to read, like and share their Facebook blog which follows their journey from racing to dressage:

If you have any questions about Glushu or would like to try them for your horse please email us

blue winning in glushu glue on horse shoes


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