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Lame horse before and after Glushu Video.

Thank you to expert farrier Clint Loomis for sharing this amazing before and after video of a lame horse he helped using Glushu glue on horse shoes. Please click here to see more of Clints work on Facebook.

How Glushu can help horses with lameness.

A bruised sole can happen as quickly and simply as a horse stepping on a rock or working on a hard surface. It can occur as the result of excessive hoof trimming, or be associated with laminitis. Sole bruising can be an uncomplicated condition that responds to simple treatments, or be part of an underlying disease process that requires careful veterinary management. It is one of the most common causes of forelimb lameness.

Glushus will help support the hoof whilst the soreness heals. Special inserts can also be applied.

If you think Glushu could help your lame horse please order from our online store here or contact your local farrier supply store.




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