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Farrier Case: Glushu Minis for laminitic pony.

Big thank you to expert farrier Ian Gajczak for sharing his experience of using Mini Glushu on a laminitic pony. To see more of Ians work please visit his Facebook page by clicking here.

If you would like to order Glushu Mini for your pony or Shetland they come in sizes 75mm, 85mm and 95mm and are available from the Glushu online store.

From Ian Gajczak

"Little Miss T with her comfy’s on!!This is my laminitic pony client little Miss T. She has had some moderate rotation which has been addressed and her feet are looking good.

Unfortunately we have been struggling to stabilise her metabolic rate. As such we have fitted Glushu Minis to hopefully provide her some comfort and additional support if she were to have an unfortunate relapse whilst adjusting medications.

I have used GluShu Minis a number of times now. They are great shoes with minimal time for horse/pony to be weight bearing on 1 (potentially sore) leg/foot. This is because most gluing/fitting is done whilst standing with both feet weight bearing. This is a huge bonus when dealing with a sore laminitic.

I recommend Glushu for any farrier treating a difficult case of laminitis.”

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