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Farrier Report: Glushu Mini when you can't nail.

Big thank you to expert Farrier Matthew Scharf from MS Hoofcare who has sent us this Glushu report from his client who could not be nailed but needed to be shod to protect his fragile hooves. Please check out more of Matthews work on Facebook - MS Hoofcare.

Order Glushu now from our online store or at your local farrier supply.

From Farrier Matthew.

"This is my client Hatschi who is a 17 year old Welsh D gelding. Hatschi has suffered for a long time from incorrect shoeing, resulting in too high and too narrow front hooves. Usually he wore 'normal' iron horseshoes, but due to the constant nailing his hoof walls often cracked and the results were quite unsatisfying. As he is often towing a sulki on stony ways he needs a good protection. My customer and I came to the conclusion we should try out GluShu. We were fortunate as the new GluShu Mini and the fast fix activator were released just as we made our decision. So GluShu offered two solutions for our biggest problems: insufficient hoof walls and a nervous little horse.

With the Fast Fix System and the Mini GluShu we got him well back on his feet in no time. Even I, a long time user of GluShu for more than four years, have been surprised how quick and easy they could be attached. For my customer and especially for Hatschi it was such a relief to get a good protecting shoe on quickly and easily. Now he seems to really enjoy his farrier appointments, and the results we achieved in a short time of getting his hooves back to a normal shape and angle are very exciting.

The best bit about all GluShu and Glue-U products, is how easy the products are to use and how well they work for particularly tricky hooves. I'm really glad such a product exists, as it helped a lot of my customers to get their sore feet horses back on track in no time.

I highly recommend GluShu to any horse, horse owner and farrier as it provides a solution in a situation where previously you did not have any options. As you might see, I'm a big fan of GluShu and the Glue-U products, as a farrier and as a horse owner too. And to clearly state it, Glushu are way in first place in comparison to other products on the market, and that's because Glushu and Glue-U products simply work.


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