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Farrier Update: Glushu for negative plantar case.

Thank you to expert farrier Joel Brown for updating us on their client using Glushu glue on horse shoes for a negative plantar issue. Please check out his page on Facebook to see more.


If you would like to try Glushu for your horse please order from our online store or at your local farrier supply.

If you have any questions about Glushu please contact us


From Joel.


The second application addressing a Negative Plantar issue.

In seven weeks, the horse can present a more balanced posture, he ran bare foot for a week before this set and maintained his hind alignment with no plantar support. He had been unable to fully load his hind heel purchase, for years.

He’s set up in a @3dhoofcare 1/2 mesh 3 degree wedge pad w/ a @glushultd hind glue on shoe. The sole was prepped with Foot pros CS clay and A20 DIM to provide digital support thru the stay and DC. Offloading the challenged heel purchases and their foundation, the appendage of the Ungular cartilages allows the overloaded plantar structures support and decreases the overload.

Support the weaker structures and utilize the stronger structures……

Building 101

Setting up the foots biomechanics to facilitate functional biohydralics is key.

Setting up support in the “shadow of P3” as Dr. Micheal Steward explains, is a key in providing the horse the ability to initiate a physiological response facilitating improvement. It’s more than just, “shoeing” or “trimming” it’s in….

HOW… you do both.

The GluShu mechanic enhancements of a rolled toe and chamfered heels facilitate an omnidirectional range of movement for the feet   centered to the COR of the foot.

The wrap is a poly wrap, supportive thou flexible and will expand under load. Supporting the challenged SLA from excess shear forces is a benefit of an exoskeleton. An A25 DIM supports the weakened digital cushion and enhances venous blood flow as the digital cushions function has been enhanced with plantar support of the combined DIM & wrap, the exoskeleton.

In his first cycle, his solear structures; bars, heel purchases, sole density and architecture; Concavity and sole arch have improved as has his movement and posture. His “test drive” …. being bare foot for a week, between sets was a good test of his structures and suspension. In just 7 weeks, he could FINALLY stand square barefoot. It’s been many years of vets and farriers. That’s the blessing of modern materials and qualified farriers……


Give the horse comfort, support, quality work AND time. They WILL use it wisely. His muscle tone has improved and his ability to flex his hind limbs is smoother, a key insight into how he “feels” a true blessing. They WILL tell you how they feel he’s feeling 100% better.”


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