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Farrier update: Korvo's crumbling hoof walls

Thanks to the gang at Team MP Ranch for sharing an update on Korvo's crumbling hooves. This is a great example of Glushu glue on horse shoes being employed remedially to keep a horse in comfort whilst hooves repair and traditional shoeing can be resumed. Click here to see when Korvo started using Glushu Be sure to check out more Team MP Ranch work on their Facebook Page.

If you would like to try Glushu for your horse please order from our online store or at your local farrier supply.

If you have any questions about Glushu please contact us

From Team MP Ranch

"As of today, Korvo no longer wears GluShu, but classic horseshoes again. So-called "rollers", which are supposed to make it easier for him to roll off while running. And Widia pins, against slipping on asphalt. We are curious to see how Korvo's hoof technology will continue to develop and whether he will be able to handle horseshoes again in the future...

Korvo has now worn glued GluShu for three shoeing intervals. The crumbling hoof horn had time to regrow and recover without nail holes. With additional food and care, we continue to try to improve its horn quality. We'll soon see if it worked..."


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