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Mini Glushu for tiny hooves

Special thanks to the amazing farrier Ulrich Gerusel who continues to be a great ambassador for alternative shoeing and Glushu in particular.

Thanks to Ulrich for sharing photos of these little Shetlands looks so happy in their new comfy Glushu shoes.

Find Ulrich on his facebook page and website:

Mini Glushu glue on horse shoes have overcome the challenges in finding a small shoe for laminitic and tenderfooted Shetland ponies.

Glushu uses a lightweight aluminium shoe molded with a flexible cuff and using the most advanced acrylic glue provides a completely nail free horse shoeing solution that will last 6-12 weeks when applied professionally to a well prepared dust free, clean hoof.

These non-invasive, lightweight shoes have an inside cushion which take any shock absorption and eliminate stress or damage to the horses hoof.

Mini Glushu come in width sizes of 75mm, 85mm and 95mm.

Order now from the Glushu online store or your local farrier supply.


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