Farrier Report: Glushu for protection.

Thank you to the gang at Horseclue for sharing their experiences of using Glushu glue on horse shoes. Please take the time to visit their social media pages and website www.horseclue.com “This is my 9 year old Lusitano Gladiador. He came to Norway from Portugal last fall, and has been wearing normal shoes his whole life. We discovered GluShu’s about 3 years ago when we were looking for alternatives to shoes and boots for our horses and our customers horses in winter here in Norway. We contacted Sue and we have been distributors for GluShu ever since. Our hoof trimmer has now sold and shoed a lot of horses with these shoes and get better results than ever before. She has shod horses for the N

Update: Glushu for Tender Foot ex Racehorse.

Thanks to Simon Millar from Redwings Horse Sanctuary who has sent us an update from tender footed ex racing horse Hadrian who is enjoying his retirement in the comfort of Glushu glue on horse shoes. If you have any questions about using Glushu please do not hesitate to contact us – info@glushu.com. You can order Glushu from our online store www.glushu.com/shop or at your local farrier supply. From Simon. “New GluShu’s for Hadrian, these amazing Shu’s helped during the summer when Zoe does more road work and jumping. They last 6-8 weeks and support the foot growth with the unique bonding Glue. They are rubber covered lightweight Aluminium with pre drilled Stud holes. We just put them on his w

Owner Review: Glushu for lame jumper.

Big thank you to Lynx and her human Kristie for sharing their Glushu story. We are delighted to see her back up and jumping! Glushu can help with many hoof conditions. If you would like to discuss your hoof problems and how Glushu can help with our experts please contact us info@glushu.com. Glushu are available world wide from our online store or at your local farrier supply. From owner Kristie: "This is Lynx she is a 19 year old Quarter Horse (pony). She is my daughter’s jumper. Early 2019 she came up lame. We had been treating a toe crack and her foot had basically stopped growing, my farrier suggested we get radio graphs. My farrier, Laura Gillespie, met me at the vet clinic where we had

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