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Hello and welcome to GLUSHU, we have just one question… 

... all things being equal, same durability, same performance, same protection etc, would you prefer to drive nails into a hoof to apply a shoe or merely glue on a shoe with absolutely no need to compromise the integrity of the hoof


We think you will answer the latter and invite you to find out more about GLUSHU horse shoes. 


Is there anything more valuable than peace of mind when it comes to the health and happiness of your horse? Here at GLUSHU we know that ultimately, all horse owners want, is to protect their cherished horses


No hoof, no horse. 


As horse owners when we see horse shoes being nailed into horse's hooves, there is something that instinctively feels wrong. Ideally we would prefer not  to shoe horses at all, after all nature has already done such a great job. However this is not an ideal world and many horses do need the extra protection of a horseshoe,strengthening and supporting the hoof whilst giving it the wear of a metal shoe. GLUSHUS are the closest thing to a natural hoof there is


Thanks to GLUSHU horse owners no longer need to agonise over the pros and cons of shoeing or not shoeing. GLUSHU offers horse owners an alternative solution to nailing that is durable, non invasive, quick and easy to apply. As a result The GLUSHU is now being seen as an important addition to the Farriers tool box. 


There has been a definite shift in horse owner’s attitude to conventional horse shoeing. Glue on shoes are no longer inferior to nailed on shoes. Cutting edge engineering and glue technological advances have given horse owners the confidence to use glue on horse shoes as an everyday alternative to nailed on shoes. 


We are by no means detracting from the benefits of shoeing horses, all we are saying is surely there is a better way to apply the shoe. Are you on board? 

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