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How to apply a Glushu glue on horse shoe.



  • TRIM and FINE RASP the hoof as normal – Ensure all parts of the hoof where the Glushu will fit have been rasped and dust free (INCLUDING THE HEELS).

  • When using Shufit Glue, express a small amount of glue until it is DARK GREY before using.

  • Make sure the glue is warm (25-30 degrees) and that the hoof is dry.

There are 2 methods of fitting Glushu glue on horse shoes.

FAST FIX - For horses who cannot hold their feet off the ground due to soreness. For colder temperatures where holding the hoof for minutes is difficult.

You will need per pair of Glushu:
1 x 150ml tube Shufit acrylic glue
1 x pack fast fix Glue and activator spay ( will last 4-6 pairs)
1 x hoof pick to help pull back the cuffs whilst backfilling with acrylic glue
1 x Clear roll of hoofwrap

STANDARD - for horses who do not have any special needs when standing for shoeing. For use in temperate climates.

You will need per pair of Glushu:
1 x 150ml tube Shufit acrylic glue
1 x Clear roll of hoofwrap

Application Instructions:

Step 1


Fast Fix - Put a small bead of CA Glue around the bottom of the hoof wall and spray the inside of the shoe with the primer/activator.

Standard - Put a medium bead of warm Shufit or acrylic glue around the inside base of the shoe and inside surface of the cuff.


Step 2

Holding back the side of the cuffs, slide the shoe onto the hoof, aligning it with the frog and adjust to the correct position.


Standard - PROCEED TO STEP 4


Step 3

Fast Fix Only - Once the CA glue has set, place the hoof on the ground and backfill the cuff with warm Shufit or Acrylic glue.


Step 4

Use clear hoof wrap to hold the shoe and cuff to the hoof wall while the glue is curing.

Fast Fix - place the hoof on the ground and leave for a suggested 10 mins before removing the hoof wrap.

Standard - Hold for a minimum of 5 mins.

 Your horse will be able to walk around but ensure you allow the glue cure for a further hour before riding.

Farrier Adam Bliss Glushu Fast Fix System

Farrier Adam Bliss Glushu Fast Fix System

Following feedback from Glushu farriers and horse owners we are always looking to improve the Glushu shoeing system. A lot of the feed back we received was that some horses with sore feet found it difficult to hold the hoof up for 5 minutes. Farriers also commented it would be better if the horse could stand for the 5 minutes to speed up the shoeing particularly in cold temperatures. Taking this on board we developed a "Fast Fix" system (available now from the online store) to be used in conjunction with the standard Glushu process. This additional prep makes Glushu shoeing more hands free, easier and quicker. Find out more at Thanks to expert farrier Adam Bliss for this instructional video. Find Adam on facebook here: From Farrier Adam Bliss: “I have used this 3 times now and if I’m honest I wouldn’t fit a pair of glushu’s without using it, no more worry about positions or anything solid as a rock in 30 seconds, The horse I did this on was a 14 year old 16.2 ex racing thoroughbred with chronically poor feet collapsed heels and severe navicular, not only was he perfect as he stands still for me to demonstrate this, the owners haven’t looked back since using Glushu, He is more sound consistently more willing to go forward and work and above all the quality of his hoof is so much better it’s in measurable, Myself and the owners now recommend this to everyone we meet with navicular horses.”

Glushu application videos.

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