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1. Do they stay on in mud?


Emphatically yes!! We have kept GluShu shoes on horses that have been kept out for the whole winter… in very deep mud!!


2. How well do they wear?


We use a robust aluminium shoe that is both light and has excellent wear characteristics. A Glushu will last at least 6 weeks the same as a nail on shoe.


3. Are they difficult to get off?


One of the great features of GluShu is that it stays where you left it ...on the foot and is easily removed with normal farrier tools!


4. Does the glue damage the feet?


Shufit Glue is a hoof filler and will not damage the hoof. This has been one of the most amazing features of using GluShu...the feet are not only protected by the GluShu but after even only a few shoeing’s the feet in many cases have improved significantly.


5. Is it messy?


The simple answer to this is "it can be "! But as the glue can be filed off the cuff even the most messy of applications after a few strokes with the rasp can transform a "messy job" to a very acceptable appearance.

6. Are Glushu reusable? 

Glushu can only be used once as the removal process involves cutting away the cuff.

7.  Is it normal for the rubber to wear off the bottom of the shoe.

It is part of the manufacturing process and the thin covering will wear away as the horse is worked.

This is normal.


8. Do Glushu need to be fitted by a farrier?

If you are outside of the UK you can fit a Glushu yourself. If you are in the UK by law you will need a farrier to fit the Glushu for you.


9. How much do farriers charge?


We have included this question because it does get asked... a lot! It would seem that the answer falls into 2 groups:

a. When GluShu is used under veterinary direction, farriers in general charge at an hourly rate for this work as it often involves a great deal of discussion time.

b. When it is recommended by the farrier for his own client - what is generally being used is a simple 2 part invoicing, one for the shoeing job (this is generally the same as a normal price) + the cost of the GluShu Kit.

If your question is not answered above please email or call 07808811445

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