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How Glushu can help horses with brittle or cracked hooves.

Glushu for cracked, brittle hooves.

Dried-out brittle hooves that are inflexible can be very painful, create lameness, and keep a horse from exercising and working properly. The dryness creates a tendency to split and fracture, especially at the points where the shoe is attached by nails. As a consequence, shoes are easily cast, leading to splits in the direction of the horn fibres. These splits run dangerously near sensitive structures in the foot giving rise in many cases to lameness. Even when pronounced lameness is absent, the action in the hoof is affected and the utmost care is required in the shoeing to keep the animal in good shape for work and exercise.


When the shoes are pulled and the hooves are left unshod, the hooves may break around the edges, especially when weakened by nail holes.


Glushus are non-invasive and allow the hoof to grow protected by the cuff.

Please click the links below to see how Glushu have helped horses with brittle or cracked hooves.

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