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The Amazing Mr Snip.

Please let us introduce you to our latest Glushu convert Mr Snip and his very happy human Kim McMillan.

From Kim McMillan:

I have owned Mr Snip three years I have never been able to hack him out more than once a week and even then I had to be very careful where I took him!! Mr Snip has very sensitive feet and cannot go barefoot so he has been wearing traditional nailed on shoes. Unfortunately Mr Snip hates being nailed and would often need to be sedated in order to get his shoes fitted. The whole experience could be very upsetting for both Mr Snip and myself.

I found out about Glushu glue on horse shoes and thought they would be the perfect solution to our shoeing woes. I have to say Glushu are THE BUSINESS! Glushu can be fitted in just 5 minutes and are completely non invasive, I only have to keep his feet up off ground five minutes whilst it sets it's fantastic! I think us Brits need to look at new technology (trialled and tested of course) that are available instead of sticking with old fashioned traditions I've been talked out of these for years gutted I didn't try them earlier

I am so happy with Mr Snip GluShu's I salute you!! I've been able to hack out day after day over rough terrain roads and tracks he had stayed sound. The bonus is 8 weeks later they are still on, no hoof damage, no nail holes and no sedation bills can you tell I'm Happy happy happy!!"

Mr Snip wearing glushu glue on horse shoes

Mr Snip wearing glushu glue on horse shoes
Mr Snip wearing glushu glue on horse shoes

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