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Farrier Report: Glushu for Polo Horse.

Big thanks to Glushu farrier Charlie White for sharing his experience with Glushu on this Polo Horse who was struggling with a poor hoof wall.

Please click here to see more of Charlies work on Facebook.

To see more Glushu experiences from independent horse owners and farriers please join our Glushu Group on Facebook.

From Charlie White.

"A few weeks ago I was asked to consult on a Polo horse who was out of action due to very problematic hooves.

It was immediately obvious that the horse has such poor quality hooves that it could not comfortably hold a steel shoe. I removed the old nails and shoe before dressing the foot. This horse needs a lot of support to get the hoof quality back so I have added Glushu for extra protection.

The horse now can continue being in work and we'll have good feet for the beginning of next Polo season.

100% recommend Glushu glue on horse shoes."

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