Glushu Farrier Case Study: Navicular

Great Glushu work from expert farrier Miha Cebek who used Glushu glue on horse shoes to help a horse with Navicular Syndorme. Please check out all of Mihas incredible work on his Facebook Page here @Miha Cebek If you have a horse who is suffering with Navicular Syndrome Glushu could be the answer Please order online or contact us to discuss how Glushu can help. From Farrier Miha: “I have worked with this mare many times. Unfortunately this mare has navicular syndrome on both legs and needs a lot of support. With ordinary shoes I found she was laming every 3-4 weeks so I changed to a hardbar shoe with leather pads. This was initially ok but after a couple of months she started laming again an

Glushu for competition: Anthony Condon and Aristo on winning form.

Big congratulations to Glushu customer and International Show Jumper Anthony Condon who recently won CSI 4* 150 at Hubside Jumping competition. We are very proud that Glushu are the shoe of choice for Anthony. We are delighted for Anthonys team and of course the wonderful Aristo. If you would like to use Glushu in competition please contact us or order today from the Glushu online store. Check out these great photos and videos from Hubside Jumping below. Please check them out on Facebook here - @hubsidejumping

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