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Gibside Sarleen back on her feet.

"Gibside Sarleen, who was a fantastically successful national show jumper, was struck down with Myopathy in May 2011. Whilst the cause of this illness is unknown, it is usually fatal. After a long struggle we managed to save her but she was left with Laminitis due to all of the toxins in her body during her illness. The Laminitis has caused an on-going problem. We tried other glue on shoes which were heartbars and these crippled her. We persevered with normal shoes but because of slow foot growth she kept pulling them off along with chunks of foot. We had nothing left to nail to. After trawling the internet we found GluShu’s. She’s had a shocking pink set on for 4 weeks now and they have been great. She is now ready to start to ride and it is lovely to see her so comfortable."

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