Cody's new lease of life thanks to Glushu

Cody got his GluShu's (horse crocs), and we are so excited. Nearly 30-years old and due to an old injury in his right front leg, Cody was having a hard time getting shod and going barefoot. Due to some detective work, I discovered GluShu's.

At first, I didn't think these would work, either, when I off-handedly mentioned them to our farrier, Zeb Foltz. He did some research trying to find an U.S. distributor, but, in the end, I ordered them from the U.K. I am glad I did - he has been like a new horse since getting these on two weeks ago. My shipment came very quickly. I am thankful for GluShu's and my farrier for being willing to think about and to try something different to give Cody quality of life.

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