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Gazelle back on her feet thank to Glushu!

Thanks to Katie Roberts for the update on Gazelle. "I am a big barefoot fanatic and have had all my horses barefoot for the last few years. Even when in competition. But after veterinary investigation of my British Eventing mare who just wasn't her self, it was found that she had thin soles and the vet advised putting front shoes put on her (arthritis was also diagnosed and was the main reason for her discomfort, also the possible start of navicular but that wasn't conclusive).

I reluctantly put a half set of shoes on her as advised, but then I heard about the Glushu and thought it sounded like the perfect alternative. She is now on her second half set and is very happy and comfortable in them.

I also have a half set on my youngster who loves them. It's great to see my horses comfortable and working well without having to resort to nailing shoes onto their hooves. Thankyou GluShu."

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