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Ossi is no longer footsore thanks to Glushu

Thank you to GluShu Suomi for letting us know about the wonderful Ossille. “ This is our latest Glushu customer Ossille. Ossi has always had great feet and could wear traditional shoes or go completely barefoot. Unfortunately a year ago Ossi became very footsore. His owner tried to us boots to ease the situation but Ossi was left very unstable and would often stumble in his boots. His hooves were filmed in a clinic but it showed nothing wrong with the fitting. The vet was concerned with Ossi sensitive soles and recommended that he must wear shoes. Ossille owner Cathy knew that boots were not suitable for her horse so she decided to give Glushu a try. These proved to be the perfect solution. Ossille is comfortable in his Glushu and no longer stumbles when he walks.

If you would like to try Glushu for your footsore horse please click here.

glushu glue on horse shoes review.

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