An update from Coleena and OJ.

You may remember OJ from our testimonials a few weeks ago. He has really bad hooves and was going lame due to his poor feet. The wonderful OJ is now on to his second set of Glushu glue on horse shoes after an amazing 8 weeks in his first pair. The difference in his feet is unbelieveable!

From owner Coleena.

Brilliant company with a brilliant product.There is a middle ground between bare hoof and metal nailed on shoes and this is it! The feeling when you see your previously foot sore un - sound horse cantering up the field to greet you is priceless. Worth every penny. Oj and I are very pleased and grateful to the glushu team.”

From farrier David Hannah

Glushu were used due to a stress fractures on the out side horn. They went on a treat no degreasing the foot or wrapping in cling film, dead nice to put on.

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