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Henry the handsome horse...

Big thanks to Katie Green for sending us this testimonial for Henry the Handsome Horse

"This is my horse Henry and he turned 9 in May.

Henrys feet were such a mess and needed egg bars, trying to keep his egg bars on caused more problems. They are so heavy and just came off after about 2 weeks and were wrecking his hoof walls. Unfortunately we got to the point of more filler than hoof and he was un-rideable due to poor feet. I made the decision it was time to ditch the nails.

After a bit of research I found Glushu online and thought it seemed like the perfect solution. Henry had no issues at all with the shoeing process, although I felt for my poor farrier having to keep his feet in the air for 5 minutes!!

Well, we are 5 weeks in and due to reshoe next week. Amazing ;-)

Henry is behaving like a cross between a spring chicken and a kangaroo, so goodness knows if it's the spring grass in autumn or his twinkle toes!

I have found it fascinating to see how he wears his shoes and to be honest didn't really appreciate the different wear patterns or notice them so much. But all change with the GluShu and finding it very enlightening.

I have had him on the bute every other day with not wearing eggbars and he seems OK- but again great to see that there is plenty of cuff and shoe left height wise at his heels giving him support. So hopefully we can keep on these shoes.

Thanks yet again, great to have Henry back out in work and full of beans like a psycho!!!!

I will be recommending Glushu to all of my horsey friends.


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Henry Glushu Review

Henry before and after Glushu

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