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Big River Equine Farrier Review of Glushu

Thanks to Sara Allin at Big River Equine for this great review of Glushu glue on horse shoes.

From Sara Allin:

"Dear Glushu, thank you for sending the Glushu, the shoes were the perfect size.

We did modify them by removing the toe cuff. The mare is clubbed on both fronts and has a bad toe crack. Removing the toe cuff really made fitting easier and also allowed access to the toe crack for the owner to continue treating topically.

I do a lot of glue on work and found these easy to apply. I used a weight bearing method with plastic wrap to hold the shoe and help the glue kick off faster. I also used vettec mesh attached to the solar surface of the shoe to hold in packing material.

Please see pictures below. They are not great as it was already a long day but at least you can see how they worked for this mare! Not the prettiest application I've ever done but with legs and feet like hers, pretty usually doesn't happen.

I will definitely be recommending Glushu"

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