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Glushu for Endurance Riding

Thanks to Glushu Finland and Heidi Kohtala for these great pictures.

Heidi and her warm blooded racehorse Sade (AKA Sadevarsa) are competitive Endurance riders and massive fans of Glushu glue on horse shoes. Heidi often rides in endurance races which exceed 50KM. It is essential that during these treks she has a shoe she can rely on.

Thanks to a combination of innovative design and the advances of glue technology Glushu have overcome the problems inherent in glue on shoes of the past. GLUSHU uses the most advanced aluminium shoe, over moulded with a flexible cuff adhered using the most advanced “Shu-fit” glue to provide a completely non-invasive on the go horse shoeing solution.

With Glushu Heidi is safe in the knowledge that she has a secure shoe that will not be lost nor pulled. Shoeing on route is no longer a prospect giving a competitive edge for endurance riders. Glushu can be used in all terrains providing a durable cushioned shoe for particularly rocky tracks reducing the chance of injury.

Heidi has been using Glushu for Endurance races for more than a year now and sees Glushu as an integral part of Sade’s hoof care regime and their competitive edge.

Heidis latest Glushu have been on for 5 weeks in which time she has covered more that 150KM !!!

Great photos Heidi and good look with all of your upcoming races.

If you are an endurance rider and are keen to try Glushu pick up a pair today from the Glushu online store

Glushu for Endurance Riding

Glushu for Endurance Riding

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