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Thanks to our friends at Glushu Finland for this brilliant Glushu story. Follow Glushu Finland on Facebook here - Glushu of Finland.

"Our customer Ida and her Icelandic Gelding Vakari come to us with an emergency the day before she was to compete in the Finnish Archery Championships. The horse seemed to have sore feet so we fitted Glushu on Friday ready for the competition on Saturday.

We were concerned at how well Vakari would perform due to his hoof problems so kept a close eye on him for the first few rounds. Rather than showing any discomfort the horse seemed to be getting better all the time! We were all very pleased.

Ida and Vikari competed fantastic finishing 15/26 horse riding archery games – Great Job!

Post competition Vakari is still wearing his Glushu glue on horse shoes"

Glushu being used at Finnish Archery Championships

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