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Foal with Angular Limb Deformity before and after Glushu.

One of the best things about working as part of the Glushu team is when you can say for certain you have helped to change a horses life for the better. Never has this been more true than for Heidi Carr's gorgeous little foal Zamarano.

Our hearts are bursting !

Glushu can be used remedially for many conditions including laminitis, white line disease, navicular, hoof wall separation and sensitive feet. Please click here to go to our hoof help page and be sure to share Glushu with anyone who has a horse you think we can help.

From horse owner Heidi Carr:

" In may 2017 our foal arrived unfortunately born with angular limb deformity. It was advised that foal had to have extensions fitted to help straighten and encourage the feet to be placed down more level. Unfortunately trying numerous different extensions and glues they weren't staying on and would only last approximately 48hours.

At our wits end we came across an article in the journal about GluShu a company that happened to be local to us. So we approached John Wright who agreed to come out and see the foal with a hope of designing a foal extension that would stay on.

The following photos show when the foal was born to now wearing his newly designed Glushu. Not only are we over the moon of the success of the shoes but the time, professionalism and care taken by this company was outstanding.

Angular Limb Deformity before and after Glushu

I myself being a coach can see how this type of shoe could benefit the competition horse who regularly has to undergo shoeing due to the wearing of the shoe,also horses who struggle to keep shoes on and problematic issues such as laminitis.

Many thanks Heidi and Lorraine. "

Watch a video of how Samarano walks before and after using Glushu.

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