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Laminitis no longer a pain for Cheeky

It never fails to amaze us here at Glushu the instant cushioning effect the glue on horse shoes have on laminitic horses. If your horse is suffering from laminitis please contact us to see how we can help.

Big thank you to Cheeky and his human Tanya for sending us these amazing before and after Glushu videos. Also shout out to Sarah our Australian distributor Innovative Hoof Care Australia who helped Tanya get started with Glushu.

From Tanya:

" Yes I did try Glushu. And thank goodness I did! Honestly the improvement was immediate and remarkable.

My poor old 35-year old pony with Cushings was suffering badly from laminitis. He couldn’t walk even on grass. He spent most of his day lying down. Bute wasn’t even helping.He had never worn shoes a day in his life and even if I wanted to try nail on shoes (which I didn’t) his feet were just too sore for nails.

My awesome Farrier put me onto GluShu and within a week I had them delivered and put on. Sarah at Innovative Hoof Care (here is Australia) has been truly amazing with her advice and support. She’s a really valuable distributor for you!

Before he was like a cripple staggering on stones. Afterwards he walked off immediately just like pre-laminitis.

It’s now week four of the GluShus on his front feet and I’m so glad he has them. He is so much more comfortable, holding his head higher rather than it hanging low in pain and depression.

Life is good! As promised, I took some video: "

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