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18 Months on and Laminitic Wanda is still going strong.

Whilst many horses use Glushu as a temporary remedial fix to help a hoof heal and return to normal shoeing or barefoot, for some Glushu is a permanent solution to persistent hoof problems.

This was certainly the case for our Glushu All Star Wanda and her Human Suzanne who first came to us back in 2016. 18 months on Glushu is Wandas preferred foot wear to support treatment of her hoof problems including laminitis.

From owner Suzanne:

" Wanda came down with laminitis quite suddenly after change of grazing in May 2016 ...after about 4 weeks on box rest with frog pads on as support she slowly began to improve agreed to xrays which showed 10%rotation of the pedal bone ...Wanda had never been shod before and at this point wouldn't have coped so after speaking to a friend on Facebook who used Glushu I got in touch ....

18months on Glushu are invaluable part of Wandas life. She is exclusively shod in Glushu and has Glushu Inserts to support her frog . We have had 6 weeks without using glushu but Wanda remained very "footy" without the support so we had them put back on .

Thanks to Glushu Wanda has remained sound and no more episodes of laminitis with careful grazing and diet supported by Glushu .

Not once have they "come off" in fact they take some getting off. One time I had a problem as Wanda had managed to tear a portion of the shoe I dread to think what would have happened if she had a nailed on shoe on at the time as she had no I'll effects at all . A quick call to Glushu and this was fixed,

I recommended Glushu on loads of forums over Facebook the company have been fab!

Thanks again x "

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