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Glushu for Endurance Riding.

Glushu are fast becoming the number 1 choice for Endurance riders. Thanks to their cushioned cuff they are protective on multiple terrains from snowy plaines, to mountains to lakes. The ease of shoeing makes them easy to shoe on the go without the risk of injury from nails.

Big thanks to Endurance Rider Heidi Kohtala Kohtalon Kenkä Tmi for this brilliant testimonial and wonderful photos.

"Let me introduce my horse Sade ! Sade is an 8 year old American-French trotter who has become an endurance horse instead. He has a special sense of humour and strong opinions. The career change was one of them.

His hooves have never been good. He has poor hoof walls and they do not grow very well. In endurance, shoes wear out fast and he needed shoeing often. Unfortunately due to his poor hooves after a season of nailed on shoes his hooves were like Swiss cheese.

This led me to look into alternative shoeing. I found Glushu online. I initially tried them out of curiosity and as a temporary solution to see how well his hooves would recover without nails and how well they would wear for endurance riding.

I am so happy with how healthy Sades hooves are and their performance of Glushu on long rides that over a year later we have continued to use them. I cannot see a time that we would eve go back to traditional nail ons.

Thanks Glushu!"

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