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Angular Limb Deformity: Glushu Sucess!!!

You may remember our little foal Zamorano who came to us when he was born with Angluar Limb Deformity. We are delighted to say Zamorano is now completely straight thanks to Glushu and the constant care of horse experts Heidi and Lorraine Carr.

We could not be prouder. Please see update from Heidi below.

From Heidi Carr

" Our foal Zamorano who is now 8 months old has been wearing Glushu to help with his limb deformity. He has undergone careful trimming and 3 lots of Glushu to provide the balance needed to ensure his bones were developing correctly.

Just before Christmas he had his 3rd set of Glushu on and a veterinary examination confirmed Glushu had been successful and Zamorano's limbs and hooves were now in correct alignment.

So after 5 weeks of his 3rd set they have now been removed and on examination of his shoes they showed total balance wear.This proves how the wearing of Glushu gave him the balance and support required to allow him to develop the straightness that was needed.

We are extremely grateful to Glushu for this amazing product. Many thanks Lorraine and Heidi x "

Zamorano before Glushu

zamorano angular limb deformity before Glushu

Zamorano after Glushu.

zamorano after glushu glue on horse shoes

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