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Horse Diaries: Koop week 12 Removal...

After 12 weeks of Glushu Koop is having his shoes removed and his feet prepared for a new set.

The Glushu have undoubtedly been a success in terms of durability, even though Koop is a giant, his shoes have stayed on and shown appropriate wear for the work.

What we really need to know is how are Koops hooves looking after 12 weeks of wear?

Here is an update from owner Amanda Cox:

" It is hard to believe that 12 weeks ago we were skeptical the Glushu would stay on a week, now we were excited to see the effect they have had. There was only one way to find out and that was to remove the Glushu.

Here is a photo of Koops hoof before Glushu:

Here are Koops hooves after the Glushu have been removed. The hoof on the left has been paired back ready for the new shoe. Hoof on the right has had no work. The difference is amazing.

My farrier is shocked and his dad who is a specialist remedial farrier who practically wrote Koop off a year ago was very impressed. His feet are looking really good with good quality growth coming down.

The Glushus have been a god send over winter allowing him a near normal life that he couldn’t have last winter.

We plan on using the Glushu for as long as needed and will continue to work with our farrier, vet and of course Glushu so that he gets the right shoes for his needs.

Hopefully if he carries on like he is I might be able to ride him in spring. I can’t wait!!!

I also can’t thank Glushu enough for all their hard work and dedication to my one horse. It’s more than I ever expected."

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