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Glushu for Affiliated Dressage.

Thanks to the gorgeous Blue and his owner Stacey for sharing their Glushu story with us. Blue has been able to maintain his dressage training and competition thanks to Glushu helping him with a tricky crack in the hoof that meant traditional shoeing was not an option.

Please take time to read, like and share their Facebook blog which follows their journey from racing to dressage:

From owner Stacey Mac Neidhe:

"Please meet your latest Glushu convert Blue, Blue is my retrained ex-racer who is now competing affiliated dressage.

We trialled Glushu on his back feet over winter due to a tricky crack that meant nails were not an option. We were really impressed with their stickability especially in muddy winter fields.

We now have Glushu on his fronts too as this harsh winter has meant his feet are very soft and brittle. He was struggling to keep traditional shoes on and was only lasting a week or two per set.

We were out at the weekend competing affiliated dressage with our Glushu on as they are BD legal. Here he is warming up before our novice test where he placed 2nd with 64%.

We’re really happy with the shoes as we wouldn’t have many other options other than to turn him away for the year barefoot!

I run a blog for Blue where you can follow our progress and updates on his Glushu!"

Dressage competition in Glushu glue on horse shoes

Dressage competition in Glushu glue on horse shoes

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