What a difference a year makes...

You may remember out little foal Zamorano who came to Glushu in October 2017 for help with his Angular Limb Deformity.

Well what a difference a year makes! Zamorano has gone from badly bent legs at birth in May 2017 to WINNING competitions in July 2018!!!

Please see the latest update from his owners Heidi and Lorraine and his full Glushu story below.

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11th July 2018

Zamorano update

"From the foal that was born with angular limb deformity to now out competing inhand.

The following picture was his first show where he claimed a successful win. All very exciting for the future. None of this would have been possible without the help of Glushu and their team.

Zamorano had 3 sets of Glushu his last set taken off in December where it was decided Glushu had worked and his limbs were in alignment. When his Glushu were taken off it was noted that they had balanced even wear this goes to show Glushu worked to allow his limbs to develop correctly.

Thank you again for everything you have done for Zamorano.

Many thanks Heidi and Lorraine."

Zamorano Glushu July 18

30th January 2018

"Our foal Zamorano who is now 8 months old has been wearing Glushu to help with his limb deformity.

He has undergone careful trimming and 3 lots of Glushu to provide the balance needed to ensure his bones were developing correctly.

Just before Christmas he had his 3rd set of Glushu on and a veterinary examination confirmed Glushu had been successful and Zamorano's limbs and hooves were now in correct alignment. So after 5 weeks of his 3rd set they have now been removed and on examination of his shoes they showed total balance wear.

This proves how the wearing of Glushu gave him the balance and support required to allow him to develop the straightness that was needed.

We are extremely grateful to Glushu for this amazing product.