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Glushu helps nervous horse Kasimir.

Glushu glue on horse shoes are the easiest, stress free, relaxed form of horse shoeing on the market. With no invasive nails or noisy hammering Glushu are perfect for horses that become agitated by the shoeing process.

Thanks to Rebecca Zorn for sharing Kasimir's Glushu story.

If you would like to try Glushu for your nervous horse please contact us today.

From horse owner Rebecca Zorn:

"Kasimir is a six years old Norwegian Fjord horse gelding. I have been his proud owner for two years. We are using Glushu glue on horse shoes as Kasimir is nervous during shoeing.

On his first shoeing with me, my farrier shod Kasimir with traditional iron horseshoes and the whole process was fine.However when the time came to shoe again we encountered a lot of problems. Kasimir became very agitated as the nailing began – he even injured my farrier! It was so bad that the farrier decided that the only way shoe him was with sedation. I was devastated.

The problem with Kasimir occurs only during the actual nailing. He is fine for the trim and burning the iron on the hoof. He only agitates when the nails are introduced.My farrier and I agreed that sedation would definitely need to be used for all future shoeing if we continued to use nails. Neither of us felt this was a long term solution and we began to look for alternatives. After some research my farrier proposed GluShu glue on horse shoes. We hoped the lack of nailing would mean no more sedation for Kasimir.

Initially we just tried Glushu on his back hooves. I was astounded at how well Kasimir stood. The process is much more relaxed than traditional shoeing. He was so comfortable with no stress and my farrier remained in one piece – Glushu had passed the first test!

The next test was would the Glushu glue on horse shoes stay on? I could not believe it they stuck fast for 9 weeks! I worried that they may never come off. Just like the application the removal was very easy and Kasimir had no problem with it at all.

We have now put Glushu on back and front. We love them. Kasimir is walking fine exactly as he would in traditional nail-ons, if not better!! The main thing is the appointments with the farrier are no longer a nightmare for my horse nor myself. The costs are slightly higher, but it’s worth it if it means Kasmir does not need sedation. Glushu are completely stress less for us :) We love it!!!

The support on Facebook is awesome. I had a question how the Glushu works on snowy winter days. 10 minutes later Kirsty sends me two Videos and a nice explanation.

We can 100% recommend Glushu.

Thank you so much!!"

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