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Glushu Case: Lame. Amazing results.

Thanks to expert Glushu Farriers Peter Loots and Ulrich Gerusel for sharing this outstanding Glushu case. You can find Ulrich on Facebook and at his website

If you have a lame horse you think Glushu can help please get in touch -

Be sure to watch outstanding before and after video at the end of this post.

From Ulrich:

"GluShu paired with GluU for lame horse. There are still many horsemen who say "I do not need such a new-fangled stuff - Too expensive - Does not stop either way".

Here again an example of how Glushu can help a lame horse.

Before Glushu this horse had a lot of unsightly and uncomfortable hoof gear.

He was re-shod every 6 weeks using Glu Shu & GluU by Peter Loots. Sometimes as an open toe, then back to normal. Hard cushion, then soft.

Progress X-rays

January 2017

August 2017

January 2018

Today the 20 year old horse is fit. It has been a long journey but I think this video speaks for itself."



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