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Glushu helps Bandolero recover from tendon operation.

Thanks to Natalie Conrad for sharing Bandoleros Glushu story. He is the latest horse toe be added to the Glushu All Stars. If you have a barefoot horse or a horse in rehabilitation who needs extra cushion and do not want to nail a shoe please contact us or go to our online store to order today.

From Natalie Conrad

"I would like to introduce my amazing Andalusian, Bandolero.

He has been barefoot for 9 years. However a tendon operation sadly left Bandolero out of work for a long time with box rest ect !! When he was finally ready for a bit of rehab I had to walk him in the roads every day. Unused to this he soon wore out his hoof.

I knew I needed to shoe him but I also knew I did not want to nail after so many years barefoot.Both my vet Chiltern Equine and my farrier Stuart Gammage recommended Glushu glue on horse shoes.

I can honestly say I have never looked back it is great to have a re-balanced horse.The picture below is of him enjoying himself as much as I am at Blenheim Palace Fun Ride 2018.

If your horse is barefoot and you find yourself in a position where you need to shoe but do not want to introduce nails to the hoof I wholly recommend Glushu.

Natalie Conrad"

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