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Glushu for Laminitic Shetland Jacob.

Thanks to expert Glushu Farrier Mark Osborne for sharing the gorgeous Jacobs Glushu story with us.

If you have a Shetland horse with sore feet who you think we could help please get in touch, we do not do Shetland Glushu sizes as standard but we can advise how to modify our smallest size or custom make them for you :

If you are in Scotland and looking for a Glushu farrier please check out Marks Facebook page here: Mark Osborne Farriers.

From farrier Mark Osborne:

“This is my fantastic Shetland customer Jacob. He is 30 years old and unfortunately suffers from laminitis. We have been using various glue on horse shoes for Jacob for about 3 years as he needs much more support than is offered by a traditional shoe. His feet are so poor that without glue on horse shoes he cannot walk at all. We had been using Imprints but decided Jacob needed a much more substantial shoe.

When I saw Glushu I thought they could be the answer. Glushu do not provide Shetland sizes as a standard but were happy to make a custom set for Jacobs’s tiny feet.

As you can see from the pictures we also use Glushu frog inserts for extra support for his laminitic hooves.

The shoeing process is quick and easy, no specialist training is needed.

We are so pleased with Glushu. Jacob is completely pain free and very happy.

Please check out my Facebook page for updates on Jacob and all of the other horses I work with.”

laminitic shetland glushu glue on horse shoes

laminitic shetland glushu glue on horse shoes

laminitic shetland glushu glue on horse shoes

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