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Farrier Review: Glushu for problem legs.

Great Glushu work from farrier Ilka Slabik who used Glushu glue on horse shoes to help a horse with problematic hooves. Please click here to find Ilka on Facebook.

If you have a horse who could do with extra support please contact us to discuss how Glushu can help.

From Ilka.

“This is my 3 year old client Lusitano. He has terrible problems with his back particularly in the lumbar region. When Lusitano was 1 year old he received a bad wound on his right hind leg, there is a big scar even today. This injury seems to have affected the growth of his ligaments and tendons leading to his residual back and leg problems.

I have worked for a few months to get his posture back online. However the growth problems have left him with very tender legs. I knew Glushu would be able to help, the shock absorption inherent in Glushu was exactly what this horse needed.

Within 5 days of fitting Glushu I could see the cushion they were offering had helped. Lusitanos back was longer and straighter, his leg and hoof positions were also better aligned.

My journey with the horse has just begun and I will keep you updated as to how he gets on now he has his Glushu."

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