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Owner Video: Glushu Fast Fix Fitting.

Thanks to Henry the Handsome Horse and his human Katie Green for sending us this video of their latest Glushu shoeing. Katie began using Glushu due to Henry's bilateral Navicular and is now completely sound,

If your horse has Navicular problems Glushu can help - buy today from the Glushu online store or email us direct

From Katie Green.

“My excellent farrier has been using GluShu on Henry for nearly 3 years. From a lame horse with bilateral Navicular who couldn't keep eggbars on with more filler than hoof, to one very sound, fit, able and happy horse.

Here is a quick video of our latest shoeing. The temperatures had dropped a bit after the baking hot days we had been having, so warmed the shoe a little with the flame thrower. Henry decided he wanted to do a little bit of dancing instead of standing still with his hoof up for the farrier, so we used the Glushu fast fix to set the shoe before filling. I can tell you the fast fix system makes so much more sense for fidgety horses!

Thanks to my amazing farrier and GluShu Henry is loving life.

Check out our GluShu story on facebook here - Henry The Handsome Horse

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