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Farrier Report: Glushu for abscess and sore feet.

Great Glushu work from expert farrier Jason Weekley who used Glushu glue on horse shoes to help a horse with chronic abscessed. Please check out all of Jasons incredible work on his Facebook Page here @jasonweekley

If you have a horse who is suffering with Abscesses Glushu could be the answer Please order online or contact us to discuss how Glushu can help.

From Jason Weekley.

"This is my 18 year old client Zuec. He has chronic abscess on his left front and really sore soles on both front feet. Zuec has a terrible habit of pulling shoes which only goes to exacerbate his problematic feet.

With nailing no longer an option and his feet too sore to be barefoot I began to look for an alternative solution that would offer cushion whilst his feet were recuperating.

I attended an open house clinic at Ocala Farrier Supply and saw Glushu being demonstrated. I hoped this would be the solution for Zuec.

I found the process of shoeing with Glushu very straight forward with no discomfort for the horse.

I have to say the results of the Glushu are amazing. I saw instant relief from Zuec as soon as he put his foot down in Glushu. He went on to walk away 100% sound.

I have recommended Glushu to several of my other clients as I am in no doubt that they are very effective for horses with sore feet.

If you would like to see more of my work or would like to contact me about fitting Glushu for you please check out my Facebook page here: Jason Weekley."

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