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Farrier report: Glushu for when you can't nail a shoe.

Thank you to expert farriers Swinging M Horse Shoeing for sharing this case of a horse who could not tollerate a nailed on shoe so opted for Glushu.

If your horse has sensitive, cracked or damages feet Glushu could be the answer to help them back to full health.

Please order direct from our online store or contact us to discuss options or order offline.

"This is a prime example of the damage a poorly shaped shoe does to a foot.

If the shoe doesn’t fit, nails are drove into the wall, which kills and weakens that area, causing the hoof to crumble. Worse still, the nail can be driven into the foots sensitive structures causing lameness and abscesses.

Unfortunately when the shoe doesn't fit, I have seen cases where someone has used a rasp to mould the foot to the shoe aka "dub" the foot. This also weakens the hoof wall, allowing more distortion and breaking of the already compromised hoof wall.

Here is a horse I have been working on. This horses front end had decayed to a point that driving nails was not a viable option. Unable to nail a shoe but still needing support I chose to use Glushu glue on horse shoes. Being completely no invasive was essential for this client.

Hopefully with some growth we can get him comfortable again!

Please see more of my work on Facebook @swingingmhorseshoeing."

glushu for horses who cannot use nails

glushu for horses who cannot use nails

glushu for horses who cannot use nails

glushu for horses who cannot use nails

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