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Laminitic Viviente back on his feet with the help of Glushu.

Big thank you to Viviente and his human Antje for their praise for Glushu and expert Glushu farrier Ulrich Gerusel. We are so proud Glushu in conjunction with other vet professionals has helped get this gorgeous boy back on his feet.

If you have a horse who is suffering with laminitis please contact us to find out how Glushu can help:

From Antje.

"We are so pleased to say that more than 5 months after his terrible laminitis Viviente is back in action!

I have so many people to thank for helping Viviente get back on his feet. Thanks to Marlen Kristin for taking care of her and feeding her as well as all spiritual supporters in any form. Thanks to the veterinary clinic Telgte for the right and good treatment.

Finally thanks to expert Glushu farrier Ulrich Gerusel for professional support and advice. The Glushu glue on horse shoes have been a critical to Vivientes recovery. I do not know if we can do without you.

Most of all thanks Viviente who has been with me since his first minute of life. He brings untold joy to myself and all of the children."

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